Legal status: Non-profit, incorporated in the USA as Friends of the Scuola San Rocco.
Members and roles:

History of the Committee

The Friends of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco was founded in 1999 inspired by the historic Venetian tradition of expressing devotion to the city by contributing to its physical beauty and cultural patrimony. By adopting restoration tasks of a limited scope, the Amici provides individuals both with an affiliation to a historic Venetian institution, and the satisfaction of sponsoring significant projects that are essential to the Scuola. The Friends of the Scuola was accepted for membership in the Comitati Privati Associazioni e Organizzazioni per la Salvaguardia di Venezia in October 2000.

Current projects

· Restoration of the base of the historic flag post on the campo in front of the Scuola San Rocco;
· Restoration of the executive banca in front of the Tintoretto Crucifixion in the Albergo of the Scuola.

Future projects

Cleaning and restoration of selected allegorical sculptures made by Francesco Pianta between 1657 and 1676 in the Grand Hall on the piano nobile.

What can be and is the role of our Committee within the Association?

The Friends will continue to work closely with the Scuola to identify significant projects and to bring them to fruition. We have recently expanded our membership and designated new officers to work with both the executive board of the Friends and with the advisors from the Scuola San Rocco. We are aware of the other members of the Comitati Privati that sponsor projects at the Scuola and share information with them.