Legal status: Social promotion association
Address: Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo - Centro Studi di Storia del Tessuto, del Costume e del Profumo
, S. Croce 1992, 30315 Venezia
Members and roles:
  • Avv. Maria Maddalena Morino
    , President
  • Daniela Manzoni Suppiej
    , Vice President
  • Avv. Diego Vianello
    , Vice President
  • Prof. Michele Gottardi

History of the Committee

The Association was born from the idea of a group of Venetian friends to create a cultural project with the aim of raising awareness of the history and art of Venice and its territory. It has always stood out for its collaboration with various Venetian institutions. In addition to its traditional activities with members and its educational service for schools, over time it has been involved in fundraising for restoration and the publication of museum guides. Since inception, the Association has organised conferences on the history and art of Venice and guided tours for the public. Currently, with the aim of working on social and cultural inclusion, it has also opened up to young immigrants and the disabled.

Current projects

The current project, financed by the Veneto Region and the Ministry of Labour, aims to work on social and cultural inclusion by supporting financially constrained families with the purchase of tickets to visit museums and personalised guided tours for disabled and elderly people.

Some recent projects

Future projects

For members, we want to continue to boost knowledge of the city’s artistic heritage. For schools, the aim is to keep the didactic service active, with a focus on students and the most vulnerable to work on social and cultural inclusion.

What can be and is the role of our Committee within the Association?

Since 2016, the Association has been a member of the Board of Directors, collaborating with the Presidency also in institutional relations. For this reason and for the contribution it makes, we think it can be a link between the Committees and the territory.

What does working in Venice mean for our Committee?

For the Association, being present in the territory means implementing initiatives that favour the protection, promotion and enhancement of the collections of museums and monuments in Venice, through the organisation of cultural activities; promoting funding campaigns for restoration and working alongside other cultural bodies with the aim of disseminating knowledge.