Legal status: Private association of general interest
Address: Hôtel de Galliffet 73 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Parigi
Members and roles:
  • M. Jérôme Zieseniss
    , President

History of the Committee

The French Committee for the Safeguarding of Venice aims to restore historic monuments and works of art, in close collaboration with the Italian authorities, in liaison with the French authorities and, if the situation requires it, with Unesco. It was created by an associate of General de Gaulle, Ambassador Gaston Palewski, then President of the Constitutional Council, in the aftermath of the disastrous floods of 1966.

Current projects

The renovation of the former Royal Palace in Venice.

Future projects

Apartment of King Victor Emmanuel II within the former Royal Palace (3 rooms), in the context of the last phase of the restoration of the former Royal Palace of Venice by the French Committee (27 rooms);
– Casino Venier (3 rooms)