Legal status: Foundation under Swiss private law. It is supervised by the Federal Department (Ministry) of the Interior. It operates thanks to important Swiss public and private funds.
Address: c/o AS Accounting Services SA Via Pretorio 13 Casella Postale 5173, CH-6901 Lugano
Members and roles:

History of the Committee

The Fondation Suisse Pro Venezia was set up by the Federal Council (Swiss Government) on 3 July 1972 in response to an appeal by UNESCO and the Council of Europe after the Acqua Granda (destructive high tide) of 4 October 1966.
· Restoration of the entire Church of San Stae (1977-79), which earned the Foundation the Torta Prize and the BSI Centenary Prize;
· St. Mark’s column;
· the façade of the Santa Maria del Giglio;
· the Mocenigo Monument in San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti; the Portale dei Carmini;
· the Cappella dei tessitori di seta in the Gesuiti church.

Current projects

· Restoration of the façade of the church of San Stae;
· Publication of the restoration of the Cappella dei tessitori di seta in the Gesuiti church;
· Publication of the restoration of the Dispacci Morosini, in collaboration with the Venice in Peril Fund and the Austrian Committee Venedig lebt.

Future projects

Restoration of roof and interior of the Church of San Stae.

What can be and is the role of our Committee within the Association?

In the wake of the last almost 50 years, we have followed the “fil rouge” that we have set ourselves to promote the “Swiss” who have worked for over 300 years in Venice (Contini, Falconi, Lombardo, Mariani, Rossi, Sardi, Stazio, Tencalla, etc.) by financing the restoration and maintenance of the works they created.
The Fondation Suisse Pro Venezia has always played an active part in the life of the Association of Private Committees, as it is convinced of its indispensable presence in coordinating the work of the various Committees and handling relations with the civil and religious authorities, especially in the wake of the stipulation of the agreement with the Ministry of Culture. Moreover, it is only united under the aegis of the Association that the national and international bodies (Committees), which work to safeguard Venice, can keep attention focused on the critical issues that loom large and threaten the city and its lagoon.

What does working in Venice mean for our Committee?

In accordance with its statutes, the Fondation Suisse Pro Venezia represents Switzerland’s commitment to safeguarding Venice’s cultural heritage abroad.