Legal status: Association recognized by Decree Dir. Enti Locali n. 3, 27/01/2005.
Address: Casa Minich, San Marco 2940, 30124 Venezia
Members and roles:

History of the Committee

The Veneto Institute for Cultural Heritage (IVBC) is a cultural association based in Venice, accredited by the Veneto Region for the professional training of Restoration Technicians of Cultural Heritage, a professional figure recognized under the Ministerial Decree 86/2009.
The IVBC operates in agreement with important local institutions such as the Veneto Museum Complex, the Civic Museums Foundation, the Superintendencies, the Universities of Venice and Padua. Thanks to the support of the American Committee for Safeguarding Save Venice Inc., IVBC provides scholarships for its students with the aim of perfecting their training and promoting their integration into the world of work.
Inside the educational sites, students, followed by restorers teachers, dedicate themselves to the restoration of public works of art, which are then returned with the aim of being used by the community.
The IVBC also deals with research, design in the field of restoration and conservation of the historical, artistic and architectural heritage of the area, as well as the creation of professional integration courses for its students or professionals in the sector.
· Three-year training courses for the figure of Cultural Heritage Restoration Technician;
· Job placement courses such as Youth Guarantee and Work experience;
· Refresher courses;
· Orientation / placement;
· Internships of 3 or 6 months;
· International mobility (students and workers in the sector);
· Verification of employment outcomes after 3/6 months;
· Consultancy for career guidance;
· Support activities for active job search;
· Enhancement of cultural heritage through publications, events, conferences;
· Research and design in the restoration sector;
· Networking (communities, religious institutions, public bodies, museums, businesses);
· Cultural projects; Projects abroad (Yemen, …)

Current projects

Restoration and conservation activities at: San Rocco’s church (Venice), portal and opus sectile at Ca’ d’Oro palace (Venice), S.M. dei Miracoli’s church (Venice), sculptures, collection objects, plasters at National Museum of Villa Pisani (Stra), paintings from fondo Correr Museum (Venice), mosaics and painting from fondo Morosini (Venice); items from the Murano Glass Museum (Venice); artefacts from Archaeological Museum of Gavardo (BS) and Este (PD).

Some recent projects

Future projects

Restoration and conservation activities at Santi Maria e Donato’s church (Murano); the Loredan Palace’s portal; paintings from fondo Correr; by virtue of the agreement in force with the civic museums of the city of Venice, the Institute has access to different materials including wood, metals, canvases with the aim of working in synergy with different skills in the service of safeguarding the cultural heritage.

What can be and is the role of our Committee within the Association?

Continue to increase the synergy with cultural bodies, institutions that work in the service of safeguarding cultural heritage. Furthermore, it will be essential to establish new conventions and collaborations with extra-territorial cultural institutions, with theambitious goal of resuming the restoration and training activities in the Middle East.

What does working in Venice mean for our Committee?

Preserve and enhance the artistic heritage and awareness of a product of human experience.