Legal status: The Committee is an independent, private, apolitical, non-profit organisation based in Copenhagen that acquires its funds through contributions from Danish foundations, legacies and scholarships.
Address: Skodsborg Strandvej 202, 2942 Skodsborg, Denmark
Members and roles:

History of the Committee

The Committee was founded in 1998 on the initiative of Ambassador Troels Munk, architect David Bretton Mayer and Francesco Morelli. The main objective was the creation of a Danish cultural centre on the Island of San Michele (in a former monastery) to host artists, scholars and experts linked to Venice by their interest and knowledge.
In 2018, after undertaking surveys, presenting projects, and noting the difficulty resulting from the lack of support from the Italian authorities and public opposition, the Committee abandoned the project and closed its activities. In November 2019, recognising that the Committee had a role to play, it was reconstituted with different objectives and operating methods, more in line with the aims of the International Private Committees.

Current projects

Support and collaboration with the Istituto Veneto Beni Culturali for the conservative restoration of the external walls of the Sale del Piovego (Doge’s Palace).

Future projects

The creation of synergies between Danish and Venetian institutions working in the field of restoration, conservation, research and application of new methods of intervention with particular attention to the environment.