Legal status: Non-for-profit Organisation
Members and roles:
  • Hélène Molinari
    , President

History of the Committee

SUMus was born in 2020 on the initiative of Hélène Molinari, French engineer and entrepreneur. SUMus is a multidisciplinary community comprising of a think-tank and a “do-tank”, implementation centre. SUMus provides an open platform so that citizens, organisations and institutions can meet and work together, forming ecosystems dedicated to all aspects of life: from health to education, from agriculture to culture, from administration to entrepreneurship.

Current projects

Screening of the docufilm “Venezia il Faro del Mondo”, bringing the dreams of the inhabitants of Venice to strategic meeting points in the city. In September the “Les Petites Lumière” training was launched, a journey to discover philosophy for children.

Some recent projects

Future projects

Continue with the screenings of “Venezia il Faro del Mondo” and the training sessions of “Les Petites Lumière”.
In April 2022, host the “From Chaos to Harmony”, a multi-format forum which will include a conference, an art exhibition and workshops engaging children, parents, elderly, artists and artisans.

What can be and is the role of our Committee within the Association?

The SUMus community will continue to gather together people that want to lead an extraordinary life by being the best version of themselves, for themselves and others. It will grow as an apolitical, ecumenical, resolutely positive and inclusive space and movement, fostering and promoting exploration, co-creation and implementation of concrete solutions for the rise of a new sustainable paradigm. SUMus presents itself as a connector amongst different realities.

What does working in Venice mean for our Committee?

Venice is a microcosm, and we believe it is the perfect starting point from which to rethink and co-create a new society. We see the potential for Venice to be the ideal city of the future, a city at the service of and in harmony with the living; a living laboratory for a new, future-proof society, with strong traditions on which to build a sustainable future. To us, working in Venice means working surrounded by enchanting beauty, soothing water, uplifting lights, and century-old heritage.