Legal status: Fondazione Venetian Heritage Onlus, Venice, Italy Venetian Heritage Inc., New York, USA
Address: Palazzetto de Pisis - Dorsoduro 1709/a, 30123 Venice
Members and roles:
  • Peter Marino
    , President Venetian Heritage Inc.
  • Mrs. Donald K. Miller
    , Vice President Venetian Heritage Inc.
  • Rodman Primack
    , Vice President Venetian Heritage Inc.
  • Thomas C. Quick
    , Vice President Venetian Heritage Inc.
  • Valentina Nasi Marini Clarelli
    , President Venetian Heritage Onlus Foundation
  • Luca Marzotto
    , Vice President Venetian Heritage Onlus Foundation
  • Toto Bergamo Rossi
    , Director Venetian Heritage Onlus Foundation

History of the Committee

Venetian Heritage, an international non-profit organization with offices in Venice and New York, supports cultural projects through conservation, exhibitions, publications, conferences, academic study and research. Its aim is to increase awareness of the immense legacy of Venetian art in Italy and in those areas once part of the Republic of Venice. Among the projects supported by Venetian Heritage: the restoration of the façades of the church of the Jesuits and the church of San Zaccaria; the restoration of the chapel of the Arca di Sant’Antonio in the basilica of the same in name on Padua; the restoration of the Gothic façade of the Cathedral of St. Mark in Korcula (Croatia); the exhibition Domus Grimani. The Collection of classical sculptures reassembled in its original setting after four centuries.

Current projects

Among the projects currently supported by Venetian Heritage; the restoration of the painting Il castigo dei serpenti by Giambattista Tiepolo (Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice); the restoration of the monumental stairway by Mauro Codussi (Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, Venezia); the restoration of part of the pavement mosaic in the Basilica of St. Mark (Venice).

Some recent projects

Future projects

Venetian Heritage will support: the restoration of San Giobbe Altarpiece by Giovanni Bellini (Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice); the restoration of the bronze door by Jacopo Sansovino (St. Mark Basilica, Venice); the organization of the exhibition Da Donatello a Vittoria 150 anni anni di scultura a Venezia” at the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro, Venice.

What can be and is the role of our Committee within the Association?

Venetian Heritage made a major change about ten years ago, when the organization went from being a mere fundraiser for specific restorations to supporting projects aimed not only at preserving the Venetian cultural heritage but also at promoting and disseminating it. Venetian Heritage operates with the aim of preserving and making known to everybody in the world the immense cultural heritage of Venice. Art is and must be accessible to all.

What does working in Venice mean for our Committee?

A great responsibility: preserve in order to communicate. “Beauty will save the world” F. Dostojevski