Legal status: Registered Charity
Address: Cannaregio 6154, 30121 Venezia
Members and roles:
  • Jane da Mosto
    , Executive Director
  • Liza Fior
    , Executive Director
  • Adrian Smith
    , Director
  • Flora Pedulla
    , Tresaurer

History of the Committee

We are here Venice is an NGO that exists to address the fundamental challenge facing Venice: to remain a living city. Our mission is based on an understanding of the city and the lagoon as inseparable elements within a single system, and all of our work highlights the importance of the interplay between the natural environment and human intervention. Our activities range from self-contained projects and exhibitions designed to stimulate interest and raise awareness, to substantial collaborative campaigns and research programmes. We believe that Venice’s unique circumstances offer huge potential as a laboratory for exploring innovative approaches to community resiliency.
WahV advocates an evidence-based approach to policy making, operating both as a think tank and as an activist body, strengthening connections between stakeholders and the best available information. Through collaboration with universities, businesses, cultural institutions and public authorities, we manage projects and produce recommendations anchored in rigorous research with the specific objective of bringing about real changes evaluated against social, economic, physical and ecological indicators.

Our work is organised across three principal areas: Venice and the Lagoon, including biodiversity, environmental protection, and resisting overtourism; Language of Value, focused on identifying the parameters for better understanding transformations and trends in Venice; and Exchange of Knowledge, aiming to raise awareness and inform public opinion. At the same time, every awareness-raising project is an opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills with those involved.
We are funded through philanthropic donations, membership fees, corporate sponsorships and project work. Our small core team works with a network of collaborators comprising local academic institutions and community groups, architecture practices, cultural organisations and universities in Europe, Africa, Australia, the UK and USA.

We collaborate with universities, businesses, cultural institutions and public authorities. Among our past projects: “Acqua in Piazza“, multi-site exhibition and publication regarding Acqua Alta, “Exploratorium“, exchange program involving an international group of designers, scientists, artists and activists and the Misericordia Tide Gauge reconstruction.

Current projects

Among the current projects: VITAL is a group of experts dedicated to preserving the Venetian Lagoon, guided by the latest scientific research. An ongoing awareness raising campaign on the importance of the Venice ecosystem via the municipal billposting channel.

Some recent projects

Future projects

Among the future projects: ONDEW, which aims to activate participation and exchange of experiences on climate change and on adaptation methods, involving the Venetian community, with particular attention to the community from Bangladesh, and the second edition of the artist-in-residence in collaboration with the Accademia galleries.

What can be and is the role of our Committee within the Association?

We are here Venice is a solutions driven organisation and we will continue highlighting the importance of the lagoon ecosystem and Venice as a unique community, working on projects to promote revitalisation of the lagoon and to support non-tourism dependent, sustainable productive activities. We would like to offer the Association the benefit of our broad network, both in the research sector (national and international) as well as in the social dimension including local community groups.

What does working in Venice mean for our Committee?

Venice, with its specificity, its history and its cultural intricacies, represents a unique context for exploring and acting on new, innovative policies of resilience. It has the potential to demonstrate that a social and ecological transition is possible.
“Venice for Venetians – Venice for the world”: Venice is a precious laboratory, a source of inspiration and a microcosm of many of the most important global challenges.