Project description

Les petites Lumières is a project that allows children and young adults to discover philosophy in and accessible and fun manner. The workshops bring together reflection and creation, philosophic dialog and artistic practice. The objectives of this formation aim to aim children and teens to:

-Think independently, developing the ability to resonate in total autonomy; the child is formed as a unique subject that thinks and elaborates his/her very own answer, and does not try to get the so called right answer, for example one that would be expected by an adult.

-Get confident in his/her-self, to become aware of oneself, to learn how to identify and better comprehend his/her emotions and the ones of others.

-Develop empathy, the ability to cooperate and be tolerant of what is different.

-Be responsible citizens and human beings. The workshops teach civic education.

The training develops in 3 modules, which are proposed here below:

Modul 1 -Introduction to philosophy for children and teens (history and actuality) -Presentation of the methods (Lipman, Tozzi, AGSAS-Levine, Socratico) -Analysis of articles and videos -Presentation of the holistic method of Les petites Lumières -The role of the facilitator -Exercises of philosophic practice

Modul 2 -Experimentation of a workshop philo-artistic that sees the use of artistic tools supporting the formation. -Presentation and analysis of the artistic tools that can be employed in the workshops with children (drawings, movies, sculptures, photos, shows, etc.) -Experimentation of a philo-artistic workshop utilising the holistic method in which the participants are actors: philosophical interrogation based on the artistic practice. -Presentation and analysis of artistic practices that can be used in the workshops with children (play dough, painting, collage, pantomime, dance, music, etc) -Art as the illustration of the mind: plastic realisation of the reflection. -Opportunity to observe a workshop with children guided by Les Petites Lumières

Modul 3

This in-depth module will allow participants to think back at the training to better understand the issues, the strengths and potential difficulties encountered along the journey. The difficulties that might have stemmed by the relation with the context, the management of the group, the group facilitator and the space that hosted the workshops. Thanks to the collective reflection, we will try to answer to these difficulties so to overcome them. Part of the training will be dedicated to the compilation of educational material and philosophy related exercises.

The 6 days of formation, in which interactive exchanges, group work and artistic activities will be carried out, are especially directed towards facilitators, educators, librarians, cultural mediators and to teachers, but also to anyone that wants to familiarise him/herself with these practices. At the end of the training, a certificate will be issued.