Project description

Friday 30 July 2021, everyone has been invited to come together for a picnic in Certosa, so to spend together a relaxing evening in nature. In the afternoon, several activities were carried out: at 18.30 Ashtanga Yoga Venezia offered a free yoga session, which involved people of all ages engage in an upbeat yoga practice focusing on breath and the 5 senses. The evening continued with the music trio of Stillwater: thanks to their instruments and the beautiful voice of Teti, they have been the perfect soundtrack to the picnic. At sunset, many took the opportunity to visit Green Lense, the art installation by Dough Aitken, which, for the last time, painted itself with the colours of the lagoon and the fire-red colour of the sky, creating a suggestive and magic environment. Lastly, at 21.00, it was screened the docufilm “Venezia, il faro del mondo”. The event has been free of charge and organised by volunteers and SUMus.