Project description

Construction Tide and Wave monitoring station by using chestnut for the poles, larch wood for the jetty and stainless steel for the cabin.

On the occasion of the 57th International Art Exhibition, the Korean Pavilion exhibition team with the help of We are here Venice succeeded in fundraising 10,000 euros from visitors. The funds were used to rebuild the tide and wave gauge which was lost in 2016 due to a storm. Donations from the Korean Pavilion provided support to the Venice Municipality Tide Forecasting department in their work to monitor water levels and manage essential services. Measurements from the tide and wave gauge at the Misericordia are of vital importance, particularly for the emergency services to evaluate the bridge clearance when called out to operate across Venice and the Lagoon. We are here Venice advanced the project up until completion of the new tide gauge, which has been measuring data since September 2018. The exhibition team with Arts Council Korea pioneered a new form of engagement with the host city of the Biennale, addressing a critical aspect of daily life, facilitated by We are here Venice.

In partnership with: The Korean Pavilion 2017 Team, Arts Council Korea